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How to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Connecting or setting up Brother Printer to Wi-Fi Wireless connection. Connect your WiFi connection through direct wifi in your old or new Printer.

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How to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi?

Wireless Printers in a workplace is the coolest thing nowadays, saving all of us from the messy wire’s web on the floor. But, setting up the connection between the Brother printer and the Wi-Fi can be a bit tough.

Thus, in this article, we will learn how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi. IT Phone Number Service will provide you a step by step guidance so that you won’t face any problem while making a connection through Wi-Fi on your HL 2270DW, MFC-J470DW, MFC 9130CW, HL-l2360DW, HL-l2390DW, HL-l2370DW, DCP-l2540DW, HL-l2350DW, MFC-l2700DW, HL-l2370DW, HL-l2340DW, HL-2270DW, HL-l2360DW, TN630, DCP-T510W, DCP-T710W, HL-2270DW and HL-l2350DW Brother Printer Models.

Along with setting up the configuration for the Brother printer, it is also important to follow certain rules for enjoying the uninterrupted performance.
So, don’t forget to read the full article for successfully connecting Brother Printer to Wi-Fi.

Before getting started let’s make checkpoints for wifi connection.

  • Settings in your Brother Printer
  • Important information related to WPS (mainly network name and network password)

You will find the above-mentioned details either on the backside of the router or on the documentation of the router. Once you locate the settings of your wireless router, you are ready to get the answer for how to connect brother printer to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your old - new Brother Printer to Wi-Fi router.

Steps to connect (setup) your Brother Printer to Wi-Fi connection

  • 1. Use of WLAN settings to Connect your Brother Printer on Wi-Fi –

    • WLAN settings will connect your Printer to Wifi in direct way as well indirect way.
      • First set up your Brother printer.
      • Click on the menu button on the control panel.
      • Now, choose the network using the up and down keys again.
      • Choose WLAN.
      • Press OK.
      • Now select setup wizard by tapping the arrow keys.
      • Hit OK once the above-mentioned process is complete.
      • Select yes to start the wireless setup.
      • Now, you will be able to see the list of all the available networks that are within the range of your machine.
      • You have to use the up and down keys to choose your preferred network on the list.
      • Once you choose the network click OK.
      • Next, you if you set up a authentication method which requires a network key to unlock the profile, then kindly, enter the key and press OK and then
      • Click yes to allow the changes to take place. [Note: If you have chosen open authentication system then kindly jump to next step.]
      • The machine will now finally start the process of connecting to the wireless network chosen by you.
      • If the connection is successful a message will appear on the screen of the machine.

  • 2. Use Printer Drivers to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi –

    • You can also use your Brother Printer Drivers for Wi-Fi Connection
      • The first step is to enter your administration credentials. Also, make sure to cancel all the running programs in the system background.
      • Second is to disable the antivirus until the installation of the software.
      • Use the CD you have got with your Brother Printer and initiate the setup procedure.
      • Once the setup process gets started you can connect the network of your choice in your preferred language as well.
      • Now, screen will appear with different installation process.
      • Make sure you choose Pro-suite as it provides a full Drive & software package.
      • Click on the next button.
      • Now you have to choose the wireless network of your choice and select the next button.
      • On screen an antivirus window will appear showing two options. Make sure to choose the first option.
      • You can alter the antivirus port and initiate network connection.
      • All you have to do is to set the antivirus port. [Note: if by any chance the port doesn’t work, then enter UDP as 137].
      • Now, keep on clicking the Next button till the setup is complete.

If you follow both or one one step, you will definitely able to connect your Brother Printer to Wi-Fi connection.

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How to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi?

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By updating your Brother Printer drivers or you can close both Router and Printer can increase speed in your brother monochrome Printer. You can also add external RAM (read access memory) to your Printer from Brother Printer technicians.

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Make sure your Brother Printer is a default Printer device in “devices and printer” from “Hardware and Sound” option in Control Panel from your Window Laptop or Computer. By right clicking on your Printer, there is an option that called as “set a default printer”. This definitely connect your Brother Printer to your home based WiFi.