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How to Fix Samsung Paper Jam inside Machine

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How to Fix Samsung Paper Jam inside Machine

The reason of Samsung printer paper jam inside machine error is due to the dirt buildup inside the machine, bits of paper stuck inside, paper not load properly in the machine, etc.

Solution: What happens when users see the Samsung Printer paper jam inside machine error? The error in your Samsung Printer takes place due to the following reasons:

  • Papers are not loaded properly in the paper tray.
  • It can be a false paper jam error and LED light in your printer panel is constantly blinking to indicate the same.
  • Dust and dirt buildup inside the printer.
  • Jam printer nozzles.
  • Paper chunks stuck inside your Samsung Printer.

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Besides, if you are a passionate user of Samsung brand Printer then you can follow the step by step guidance as given below:

Paper jamming inside the machine can also take place due to the buildup residue on printer’s ink nozzles as well. You have to clean some of the parts of your printer like Printer rollers, printer head, and printer ink nozzles.

To complete the process you must have the following things:

  • Use a electronic dusting spray or distilled water.
  • Dab microfiber absorbent cloth into the solution.
  • Very gently clean the parts one by one.

For Printer Head:

  • Before you start cleaning make sure your printer is off and unplugged from all the power supply to prevent any damage to your printer.
  • Now, open your printer and then locate the cartridge and remove them.
  • You have to remove the tray where cartridges are seated in – this is known as the printhead unit. You will see that several holes are present at the bottom.
  • Now, slightly damp your cotton cloth with water.
  • Carefully and gently brush over the foil, electrical contact area with the damp cloth until you notice new inkshows on the cloth.
  • You have to remove the dried ink debris from the printhead contacts and ramps.
  • Soak your print head under a bowl filled with shallow water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Wrap the printer head around a paper towel to remove ink and moisture.
  • And before you insert it back make sure it is completely dried.
  • Now, place everything back into their respective position.
  • Now, move on to the next step.

For Printer Rollers:

  • Open the flap of your printer.
  • Take a cotton dab in distilled water.
  • Gently clean the roller.
  • Make sure they are moving freely.
  • Close the cover of your printer now.
  • After cleaning all the internal parts of your printer, you have to unplug your device and restart it again after plugging it back within 60 seconds.
  • Try printing a document and check whether the error is gone or not.

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How can you remove Samsung Printer paper jam inside machine error?

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