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Brother Printer
HL L8360CDW Error 46

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How to Fix Brother Printer Model HL-L8360CDW with Error 46?

Brother printers are very popular printer Manufacturer Company due to their presentation, working competence, quality prints, and good speed. Yet, every printer carries its own defects along with unique abilities and purposes. The issues in Brother Printer can arise due to some mechanical or technical issues which can’t be controlled by you. Yet, the most common error which arises in Brother Printer Model HL-L8360CDW is error 46.

If you come through such sort of errors again and again while using Brother Printer Model HL-L8360CDW or any other model of Brother Printer, then here we have mentioned an easy solution for you. But, before that, let’s know the reason behind this error.

Cause behind the Error Code 46?

The Brother Printer error 46 starts displaying on your machine when there is a problem related with ink absorber pad. The reason maybe that ink absorber pad is full and need a replacement. The ink absorber follows dried and liquid ink after they come out from the printhead. The number of times the print head is clean, the sooner the ink absorber pad will get full.

And, if you are facing the same issue in your Brother Printer Model HL-L8360CDW, then don’t you worry about it, just relax and follow the steps written below for the troubleshooting of error 46.

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Fixing Error Code 46 in Brother HL-L8360CDW Printer

So we came up with solutions:
  • You must switch off the printer machine when it performs the initial purge.
  • Once it completes the cleaning cycle you turn it on.
  • Your Printhead will be automatically cleaned before the first print.
  • If the print head is not capped properly, it will run an automatic cleaning.
  • Now, you can replace the empty ink cartridge.
  • A printer head will auto clean when you turn it on.

(Note: If your printer is not used within 45 days, it will be cleaned automatically.)

Another method to make your printer work again is mentioned as follows: You just have to dismantle the printer, replace the ink absorber box and re-assemble the printer.

Now, follow the guide step by step -

For FAX models -

  • Enter the ‘Machine Maintenance’ mode.
  • Now, work carefully in the machine maintenance mode without disturbing these complicated settings.
  • Press numerical keys within seconds. If you have a FAX model with numerical keypads.
  • If by chance you can’t, press the stop key then try again.

For Non-FAX models –

  • You have to press the Menu and Black Start keys.
  • Once you done with it, press the upward arrow keys four times to enter the maintenance mode.
  • Now, press the Black Start key a few times.
  • After initiating this step you will move through the log information list and reach the purge counter.
  • Once, you have done with the above step press 2, 7, 8 and 3 keys in the same order.
  • These keys will reset the purge counter to zero.
  • Now, click on the Stop/Exit key to return to the initial stage of maintenance mode.
  • Click on the 9 keys twice and then return to the standby state.

Last Step in fixing a Brother Printer Model HL-L8360CDW with error 46

If your Brother printer’s warranty still effective then, you can contact the customer support department to help you deal with the difficultly. They will also support you for other possible troubleshooting procedures. You can call on +1(877) 579-1988, if your Brother Printer problem is not solved yet. We are official best Brother Printer Customer Support in USA, Canada and Australia. We have an experience to solve this Brother printer error 46 code in Brother HL-L8360CDW .