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Why my Epson printer displaying error 0xe5?

How to Fix Epson Printer Error code 0xe5? Here are some basic steps to solve this issue immediately.

Chris Markel May 01, 2021 0 Comments

Why my Epson printer displaying error 0xe5?

If you are wondering why your Epson Printer is facing Error 0xe5? And how to fix it.? Then don't worry because, in this blog, we will explain to you the reasons responsible for causing error 0xe5 and different ways to resolve it.

If you want professional help to get rid of Epson printer error code 0xe5 then contact us now!

But the question is how you will know about the Epson error 0xe5?

Well, when the error takes place your machine will start running slowly and starts to hang when the error code appears on the screen.

Here we have mentioned the most common reasons responsible for the Epson printer error code 0xe5 to take place.

Why my Epson printer displaying error 0xe5

Factors Responsible for Causing Epson error code 0xe5

Simple Ways to Solve Epson Printer Error 0xe5

1. Scan Your Complete System

Install an antivirus software and use to scan the entire computer. This will inform you about the malware attacks if any. If any issue is found out during the scanning of your computer then you have to delete it. Once you eliminate the threat you have to restart your PC and disconnect it from your Epson printer. Wait for a while and then reconnect the printer to your computer again. Move to next solution if this one doesn’t work out well.

2. Reset Your Epson Printer

To completely reset your printer you have to follow the steps written below:

You have to try printing a document for testing and find whether the error still continues or not. If it doesn’t work out as planned jump to next solution.

3. Systematically Check Your Printer

The very basic steps are to check for loose wires, connectivity issues, and the condition of print head. You also have to make sure that you have properly uploaded the paper in the paper tray and they are not running low.

Check the Ink Cartridges

You have to open the cartridge cover and check how much ink is left in your ink cartridges. If they are empty make sure to refill them. And, if the error still persists then there is a good chance that the cartridges are faulty. You can contact us for professional help and assistance in rearranging the correct cartridges in your Epson printer. And, even after that, the Epson error code 0xe5 continues, and then move forward towards the next solution.

5. Deactivate the Advance Printing Feature

You have to try printing a test document to check whether the error has been resolved or not.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have clearly understood the different ways to resolve the Epson printer error 0xe5. Another advice is you have to keep your printer software updated and clean from time to time. And, if you need professional help don’t hesitate, contact us now!