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When it's Not a Paper Jam, but Displays Epson Error 0xEA & Scraping Sound? How to Fix?

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Chris Markel April 23 , 2021 0 Comments

When it's Not a Paper Jam, but Displays Epson Error 0xEA & Scraping Sound? How to Fix?

If you bought a new Epson printer for enhancing your work skills, then you have made the right choice. These Epson printers offer more features than other printer brands. No wonder, they have such a large customer base across the globe. But sometimes these printers can really annoy you by displaying Epson printer error code 0xEA.

Therefore, we decided to mention some solutions for eliminating this error along with all the probable reasons responsible for Epson printer error 0xEA.

When it's Not a Paper Jam, but Displays Epson Error 0xEA & Scraping Sound

Plausible Reasons Causing Epson printer error 0xEA

Here, moving on towards the solutions to resolve the Epson error code 0xEA. Now, without wasting time, let’s start.

Procedure to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error 0XEA

Step 1: Manually fix Epson error 0xEA

You have to open the printer and check it thoroughly so that there are no foreign objects inside it.

Also, check the seating of ink cartridges and ensure that they are seated properly. If not then take them out carefully and position them gently back into their slots until you hear click sound.

Restart your printer and try to print a sample document to verify whether the error sis till present or gone.

Continue using next solution if this one is not working.

Step 2: Use Smart Troubleshooter Tool

The smart troubleshooter tool is very popular tool for fixing the Epson error code 0xEA. It will also help you in fixing other small issues as well. The smart troubleshooter will help in cleaning the registry printer errors and resolve error automatically, once found out.

If the error still continues then you can jump to next step for resolving Epson error 0Xea.

Step 3: Reinstall Cartridges in Epson Printer

Resetting your Epson ink cartridges can help you in removing Epson error 0xEA. You have to follow the steps:

Step 4: Using Epson Repair Tool for error 0xEA

If the Epson error 0xEA still continues, then don’t hesitate asking for expertise assistance. Contact us!

At the End

We assume by now, you have finally learned how to fix Epson error 0xEA with scratching sound. The above discussed methods are not complex but make sure to try them one by one with a period difference of few hours if the previous solutions doesn’t work out well.