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Can I Keep my AT&T Email Address if I Cancel Service

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Joseph Hill March 12 , 2021 0 Comments

Can I Keep my AT&T Email Address if I Cancel Service

The most common question of all time asked by customers is – Can I keep my AT&T email address after canceling my service?

The reason why customers want to keep their email addresses. Some of them want to keep them because their clients and customers know about this email address, they have spread this email address to many of their contacts, or this email address will make them look professional or cool in front of clients and customers, etc. as the reasons can go on!

Coming back to the answer of question - Can I keep my AT&T Email Address if I Cancel Service?

The answer is “YES”.

Yes, you have heard it right, the answer is yes. And, it doesn’t matter whether your email address is old SBC global addresses or addresses.

But there is one condition; you must obey to keep your email address for as long as you want to:

“Your account must have a good credit and there must be no due balance on the AT&T internet account, otherwise, you will lose access to your email until the problem is solved.”

Also, you must follow these helpful tips for continuing to use your AT&T email address.

Here are some handy Tips!

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